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How to Choose the Perfect Cricket Bat

To a beginner, all cricket bats may appear the same, but over time, players will begin to notice big differences between each bat’s performance. Choosing a bat can be an intimidating and difficult decision, so here is a guide to make things easier.

· Match costs with basic needs

It’s best to choose a bat face-to-face and photos online are just that: photos. You’re going to want to physically hold and handle the bat to make sure it feels right for you. Speak to an expert about what your needs are and make sure you are getting the best price for your needs. Once you know a brand and style that you like, you can always order your bat online for a more affordable cost.

· Keep intended use in mind

What level of play do you plan to engage in? Are you part of a team? Is this something you take seriously or just a hobby? Bats can cost as low as USD$20 and as high as USD$300+ - if you aren’t a competitive player or part of a national team, you wouldn’t want to invest in a $300 bat. Choose based on your specific needs and intended use.

· Consider which type of ball you use

If you’re a competitive player, you’ll likely use a heavy ball made from leather or polystyrene. Those balls requite a higher grade bat as the impact will be harder. However, if you plan on using a rubber ball, save your time and money and look for a bat intended for casual use with lighter balls.

No matter your level of sport, ability or skill, you should speak with an expert when investing in sporting goods.

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