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Northhamptonshire Tour Recap

The Northhamptonshire CC Cayman Islands tour lasted one week. Our guests came all the way from the United Kingdom and spent an action-packed seven days playing tourists, seeing the island, meeting local teams and of course, playing and practicing cricket. Their tour included: cricket training, strength and conditioning sessions, local school visits, coaching clinics, workshops, full days of games, and coaching courses at local schools. Their week long visit came to a close with a community barbecue.

While visiting, H.E. Martyn Roper made an appearance at some of the matches as well as the community barbecue. The team also had the honour of attending the Governor’s residence for a reception.

Hector Robinson, president of Cayman Cricket, said: “We have long hoped to establish Cayman as a destination of choice for international cricket teams to train and play.” It was truly an honour to be able to host and play with international teams like Northhamptonshire.

The English team also participated in charitable events within the local community as well as enjoyed and experienced fun, local activities in Cayman during their stay.

On the Northhamptonshire tour, Robinson also said “besides providing valuable opportunities for the development of our players and coaches, tours like these have the potential of opening up completely new avenues for sports tourism and untapped tourism markets.”

Needless to say, the Cayman Islands Cricket Association looks forward to more visits from international teams like Northhamptonshire to not only help grow the local sports community, but also to pave the way for sports tourism in the Cayman Islands.

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