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Governor goes to bat for cricket development


Governor Martyn Roper and Sania Iqbal Khan join some young cricketers at St. Ignatius School on Monday.

Pakistan and England may have been fierce rivals in their Cricket World Cup encounter in the UK on Monday.

But in Cayman the two countries are very much on the same team.

Governor Martyn Roper, the UK’s representative in Cayman, and Sania Iqbal Khan, a former member of Pakistan’s national women’s team, came together on Monday to promote the sport.

Roper visited St. Ignatius Catholic School to watch the primary school children in action on the cricket field. Khan, who is Cayman Cricket’s senior development officer for women and girls, was also there coaching the children.

Governor Roper said: “I had a great afternoon watching the St. Ignatius children play cricket. I even had the opportunity to have a bat myself. The Cricket World Cup is a huge event that the UK are hosting with an expected global audience of 1.5 billion. I’m delighted that both boys and girls are involved in the sport in the Cayman Islands, and it’s fantastic to hear about the work that Sania Iqbal Khan is doing to increase the number of female cricketers.”

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