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Cricket Carnival & Triumph for women’s cricket in the Cayman Islands

On Friday 21st June, primary school girls and boys met at the Truman Bodden Sports Centre for the Cricket Carnival. At the event, the Department of Education Services’ Gloria Bell announced the conception of a permanent school girls programme across Cayman’s schools which will start next year.

“We want our girls to rise to that level of challenge and it needs to start in the schools. We are launching a new national curriculum for sports and we are trying to close that gender disparity.” Said Ms. Bell.

Since the appointment of former Pakistan national bowler Sania Kahn as Cayman Cricket’s first Development Officer for female programmes, progress for women in cricket has accelerated dramatically.

“We are taking the steps to develop girl’s and women’s cricket in the Cayman Islands,” said Ms. Khan. “It is the 21st century. Girls should be given a chance to play and enjoy the game. Cricket is not about the men only.”

While women’s cricket in Cayman has fallen off significantly over the last three years, Khan says the addition of girls’ school programme will go a long way to ensure the sport does not experience growing pains.

Schools that participated in this years’ Cricket Carnival included: George Town Primary, Red Bay Primary, Bodden Town Primary, Cayman Prep, St. Ignatius and Lighthouse School.

The winners were as follows:

Girls winner: St Ignatius Second place: Cayman Prep A

Third Place: Cayman Prep B

Boys winner: Cayman Prep A Second place: Cayman Prep B Third place: Cayman Prep C

Credit to: Cayman27

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