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2019 ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier

The 2019 ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier is a cricket tournament which will determine which teams will qualify for the 202 ICC T20 World Cup tournament in Australia. The qualifiers tournaments will take place between October 18th and November 2nd of this year in the United Arab Emirates. 51 matches will take place between 14 teams during the round-robin playoffs, with ultimately six teams joining Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the first group stage of the 202 ICC T20 World Cup.

The matches taking place are as follows:

Friday 18th October –

Scotland VS Singapore

Hong Kong VS Ireland

Kenya VS Netherlands


Saturday 19th October –

Bermuda VS Papua New Guinea

Kenya VS Scotland

Namibia VS Netherlands

Jersey VS Nigeria

UAE VS Ireland

Sunday 20th October –

Namibia VS Papua New Guinea

Canada VS Jersey

Bermuda VS Singapore

Hong Kong VS Oman

Monday 21st October –

Papua New Guinea VS Scotland

Bermuda VS Kenya

UAE VS Hong Kong

Irelands VS Oman

Canada VS Nigeria

Tuesday 22nd October –

Namibia VS Scotland

Netherlands VS Singapore

UAE VS Jersey

Wednesday 23rd October –

Bermuda VS Namibia

Nigeria VS Oman

Canada VS Ireland

Kenya VS Singapore

Hong Kong VS Jersey

Thursday 24rd October –

UAE VS Nigeria

Netherlands VS Papua New Guinea

Bermuda VS Scotland

Canada VS Hong Kong

Friday 25th October –

Ireland VS Jersey

Papua New Guinea VS Singapore

Kenya VS Namibia

Canada VS Oman

Saturday 26th October –

Ireland VS Nigeria

Bermuda VS Netherlands

Namibia VS Singapore

Sunday 27th October –

Kenya VS Papua New Guinea

Hong Kong VS Nigeria

Jersey VS Oman

Scotland VS Netherlands

UAE VS Canada

All matches taking place between Tuesday 29th October and Saturday 2nd November are TBA.

The Cayman Cricket team wish all participating teams good luck. Stay tuned to find out who won.

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